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Monday, November 21, 2011

cho cho train photos

This is my family train! 
Discovered this idea while surfing the web. I used my community to cut the train from at 6". I cut 1 of each in black out using solid paper. Then cut an other set using pattern paper. Finally punched holes for the lights on top.

This is sized for wallets. Al tho you could re-adjust to use 4 x6 if you so choose to.

Star tree

 Start Joy of the season cart. I used the 6 pointed star to form the tree. Cut 1 set of stars in sizes: 1", 2", 3" and so on up to 7". Cut one set in pattern paper and one set in a coordinating solid color. Now cut sets of star in sizes: 2", 3", 4" and so on up to 8". These layers I cut in white.

Score the stars at all the points so you have peaks and valleys. Begin to glue the layers together. 1" pattern on 2" white. Continue till all done. Using hot glue to adhere together.
Mine were done using 1 set of stars.

A new wreath

 Very simple but time consuming to make this new type of wreath.

You will need:
17 pieces of pattern paper cut at 6 x 6
17 pieces of pattern paper cut at 4 x 6
Wrap them into a tube. I used my bottle of glue to form the tube. Regular glue works to hole the tubes but I recommend hot glue to put it all together.

The words were cut from winter woodland at 8" on black out. I also cut an out line at 7"

Christmas album for mom

 This year I made an album for my mom. The overall size measures 6 x 8. Pocket pages allows for a 4 x 6 photo. The blank pages I planned for a 5 x 7

To make the pockets: Start with a piece of paper 6 x 12. Score at 8 inches and fold up. Using an edge punch to make a decorative edge. Some pages were folded up and some were folded down.

All the dolls were made from the paper doll cartridge. All cut at 4 inches.

Finally I used my cinch to bind the book together using a 1 1/4 rings.

Fall wreath

An other wreath for my wall.  Please see earlier posts for instructions.

I used a straw wreath to attach the rosettes to. This made the wreath more stable and durable.