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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bump in the night

 For those who are afraid of the dark! This is a cute little box with a spray bottle full of monster be gone (shh it's just water with food coloring and glitter).

Directions: when you hear or see something scary just bring out the monster be gone and spray away. Poof no more monsters.

The monsters were cut from mini monster cart and lots of hand trimming for the paper.

Instructions: Trim a piece of paper to 9.25 wide and 6 high. This will be the ‘door’. Score at 3.5 and 5.5 Fold on score lines. The side that is 3.75″ wide will be the front.

Trim TWO pieces of paper to 10 wide and 4.50 high. Score at .5 and 2.5. You will score one side and then rotate to score at .5 and 6.5. Cut the small score line at 6.5 only to the .5 score line. Remove 2 pieces on the .5 by 4.5 side to form a tab.
Fold in half so the tab is to the right. Fold out the .5 tabs these will be the binder for the walls.

Adhere the .50″ ‘tabs’ between the folded layers to form the walls of the box. Do this with both pieces to make a box.

Adhere to the ‘door’ part of the box. make sure it’s adhered to the 3.50″ side and NOT the 3.75″ side.
  Trim a piece of paper to 3.50″ wide and 5.25″ high. Trace your 1.50″ diameter spray bottle in the center and remove with a craft knife to create a hole. For some reason my original size didn't fit. Just made a small box for this.

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