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Friday, September 9, 2011

My Limits Survival Kit

Ever have a co worker that is just plain annoying? Here is an easy way to deal with it and no one has to know. Make a My Limits Survival Kit. When you can't handle them anymore reach into your bucket and pull something out. Think to your self ha this is you!

A piece of rope ~ to secure annoying people
Duck tape ~ to tape a mouth shut
Aleve ~ for the pain in the ass
Dog Poop Bag with Carrier ~ to deal with all the crap
Invisible Tape ~ to make people invisible
Taxi Car ~ to have a way home
Band-Aids ~ to cover hurt feelings
Mini Bags ~ to help you keep it together
50 ml Alcohol ~ Alcohol to help you deal
Eraser ~ to erase the constant mistakes
Pencil Sharpener ~ to make you shaper
Flash Light ~ to get a clue
Mini Caution Cone ~ warning on last nerve
Ear Plugs ~ to silence the excessive chatter
Rubber Band ~ to make you more flexible
Screw ~ replacement loose screw
Push Pin ~ to give you tack

1 comment:

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