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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My new dog "Buddie"

This is Buddies story:
Buddie has lived his whole life with Paula. About 2 years ago Paula was diagnosed with lung cancer. Through the year and a half of chemo Paula was undergoing, we let Buddie out every Monday. After all that is what neighbors do for each other. Help out when needed.

December we were given bad news that Paula has about 6 months to live. In April Paula had a few episodes of unresponsiveness. This scared her to be alone in the house. We did what we could for a couple days to be with her but, she and Buddie decided it was time to move about a hour away to live with her sister.

Paula lived for an other month. As she passed away with Buddie by her side she was at peace. In a nut shell that was Buddie's life. Simple and loving. Now is when the adventure begins.

3 days ago a women knocked on Paula's door. I asked if I could help. Janet was looking for Paula. I told her the situation. She sighed and explained she found Buddie. He was walking in the rain on hwy 32 (near Shawano). She followed him for a 1/4 of a mile before Buddie got into her car. Buddie ended up at the humane society in Shawano.

It took Janet 3 weeks to track down Paula's house. Upon more discussion with her it sounds like Buddie was lost or abandoned for 3 weeks prior. He was found on June 19th. He had been in the shelter a month before I got to him. See Buddie was supposed to have been adopted to an elderly woman with a 17 year old son on a farm. The sister figured he was 20 miles from where he was supposed to be. Poor little boy!

Buddie is an eleven year old collie/german shepard mix. The sweetest and kindest dog. We are very lucky and fortunate to have him in our house. We will see how he does with living next door to his old house. So far he is ok and seems very happy.

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