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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Inspirational sign

 A wise man inspired me to better myself. In the coming new year I plan to do all of the following... just read the sign.

I cut all the words using DS and my cricut. I cut the words out in vinyl and use painters tape to transfer the images. Wasn't happy with how it looked. Way to reflective. Grabbed a can of spray paint and applied a thin layer. Make sure you let the paint dry over night before removing the letters. You might pull up some of the paint as I did.

Monday, November 21, 2011

cho cho train photos

This is my family train! 
Discovered this idea while surfing the web. I used my community to cut the train from at 6". I cut 1 of each in black out using solid paper. Then cut an other set using pattern paper. Finally punched holes for the lights on top.

This is sized for wallets. Al tho you could re-adjust to use 4 x6 if you so choose to.

Star tree

 Start Joy of the season cart. I used the 6 pointed star to form the tree. Cut 1 set of stars in sizes: 1", 2", 3" and so on up to 7". Cut one set in pattern paper and one set in a coordinating solid color. Now cut sets of star in sizes: 2", 3", 4" and so on up to 8". These layers I cut in white.

Score the stars at all the points so you have peaks and valleys. Begin to glue the layers together. 1" pattern on 2" white. Continue till all done. Using hot glue to adhere together.
Mine were done using 1 set of stars.

A new wreath

 Very simple but time consuming to make this new type of wreath.

You will need:
17 pieces of pattern paper cut at 6 x 6
17 pieces of pattern paper cut at 4 x 6
Wrap them into a tube. I used my bottle of glue to form the tube. Regular glue works to hole the tubes but I recommend hot glue to put it all together.

The words were cut from winter woodland at 8" on black out. I also cut an out line at 7"

Christmas album for mom

 This year I made an album for my mom. The overall size measures 6 x 8. Pocket pages allows for a 4 x 6 photo. The blank pages I planned for a 5 x 7

To make the pockets: Start with a piece of paper 6 x 12. Score at 8 inches and fold up. Using an edge punch to make a decorative edge. Some pages were folded up and some were folded down.

All the dolls were made from the paper doll cartridge. All cut at 4 inches.

Finally I used my cinch to bind the book together using a 1 1/4 rings.

Fall wreath

An other wreath for my wall.  Please see earlier posts for instructions.

I used a straw wreath to attach the rosettes to. This made the wreath more stable and durable.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bump in the night

 For those who are afraid of the dark! This is a cute little box with a spray bottle full of monster be gone (shh it's just water with food coloring and glitter).

Directions: when you hear or see something scary just bring out the monster be gone and spray away. Poof no more monsters.

The monsters were cut from mini monster cart and lots of hand trimming for the paper.

Instructions: Trim a piece of paper to 9.25 wide and 6 high. This will be the ‘door’. Score at 3.5 and 5.5 Fold on score lines. The side that is 3.75″ wide will be the front.

Trim TWO pieces of paper to 10 wide and 4.50 high. Score at .5 and 2.5. You will score one side and then rotate to score at .5 and 6.5. Cut the small score line at 6.5 only to the .5 score line. Remove 2 pieces on the .5 by 4.5 side to form a tab.
Fold in half so the tab is to the right. Fold out the .5 tabs these will be the binder for the walls.

Adhere the .50″ ‘tabs’ between the folded layers to form the walls of the box. Do this with both pieces to make a box.

Adhere to the ‘door’ part of the box. make sure it’s adhered to the 3.50″ side and NOT the 3.75″ side.
  Trim a piece of paper to 3.50″ wide and 5.25″ high. Trace your 1.50″ diameter spray bottle in the center and remove with a craft knife to create a hole. For some reason my original size didn't fit. Just made a small box for this.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boo to you sign

An other scrap lifted idea. I cut out BOO with my circut. I think it was happy haunting or mini monsters. I cut 5 pieces of patterned paper and chip board. I think the dimensions are 3.5 x 5.5. It really doesn't matter the exact size just cut letters to your preferred size. My letters are cut at 3 inches. I used my cinch to bind the pieces together.
Once I was done it needed a little bling. Stickles to the rescue!

If the broom fits!

Lighted witches broom. I found this idea on line while searching for pumpkin pvc people.

You will need a traditional broom stick(s), 175 strand of lights, 20 strand of lights and spray paint. I found my broom sticks from Walmart for about $2 bucks each. Start by cutting apart the red string on the actual bristle end. Spread the bristles apart and spray paint with purple or orange paint. The tedious part is to wrap the lights around the stick. Be patience and take your time. It is well worth it.
The only thing left to do is add the smaller strand of lights in the bristles.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween wreath

 Welcome to my new obsession. I discovered paper doilies.
I used 4 sheets of 12 x 12 Halloween paper from Micheal's.

Cut strips ranging from 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 inches. You will need 2 strips of each size to make 1 doily.

Once you have cut all the sizes you want get your score board out. Score each piece at every .5 inches. Then according fold the pieces. Use a little glue to secure the ends together.

Now for the fun part. Stand the paper circle on it's side and force the edges into the center. Magic it becomes a doily. Now punch a small circle for each one. I used the circles to adhere the doilies to.

Make a circle as large as you would like the wreath to be. I used the back of the paper package.

I added a few ghosts from mini monster and placed a crown on their heads. A few gem stones and ribbon to finish it off. Hope you like it!

Boo lighted pumpkin

 An other lighted pumpkin. I used the same process as I did for the large lighted pumpkin.

I cut the letters out on my cricut and taped them on. Using the drill to make holes along the letters. For added accents I did 3 rows around the pumpkin.

I think it turned out great. Except for the one light I can't get to work. Oh well!

Lighted Pumpkin

 There are 175 lights inside this pumpkin. And may I add this is a PITA to make! I used a drill to make all the holes. Finger pressure to force the bulbs into the holes. I would suggest you plug in the light set as you are pushing the bulbs in. I did not do that and ended up going back to the bulbs that wouldn't light. In my case it was just loss bulbs. Thank goodness!

The pumpkin is from Micheal's. They are all 40% off right now!

Spider's web

Scrap lifted this from the Martha Stewart page.

Using a small foam pumpkin from Micheal's. I used tinsel ribbon to create the web. Sized a plastic spider and glued on top. This was very simple and easy to create. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Limits Survival Kit

Ever have a co worker that is just plain annoying? Here is an easy way to deal with it and no one has to know. Make a My Limits Survival Kit. When you can't handle them anymore reach into your bucket and pull something out. Think to your self ha this is you!

A piece of rope ~ to secure annoying people
Duck tape ~ to tape a mouth shut
Aleve ~ for the pain in the ass
Dog Poop Bag with Carrier ~ to deal with all the crap
Invisible Tape ~ to make people invisible
Taxi Car ~ to have a way home
Band-Aids ~ to cover hurt feelings
Mini Bags ~ to help you keep it together
50 ml Alcohol ~ Alcohol to help you deal
Eraser ~ to erase the constant mistakes
Pencil Sharpener ~ to make you shaper
Flash Light ~ to get a clue
Mini Caution Cone ~ warning on last nerve
Ear Plugs ~ to silence the excessive chatter
Rubber Band ~ to make you more flexible
Screw ~ replacement loose screw
Push Pin ~ to give you tack

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Firefly jar

While on my way home from Fargo I discovered a craft store. It was "the" craft store. Am tempted to move to St Cloud MN just to be close to the store. Till them on line will have to do!

Crafter's Direct had a display of firefly jars. I thought I can do that. I purchased the plain mason jar and headed home. Lots of thoughts running in my mind all the way!

I used battery operated lights from hobby lobby. They have a flash setting (which is what I needed for this project). Some raffay covered wire, moss and a few flowers and I was set. The rest is history as I don't remember how I did it. I just had a lot of fun and so many memories of the great store.

This is a wedding present for a friend. I hope she doesn't see this post before tomorrow!

Wedding Fan

Part of our pyro crew is getting married tomorrow! The blushing bride asked if I could make her wedding fans with a prayer on one side and the wedding party on the other. What kind of friend would I be to turn her down 24 hours before the wedding. My mom and I made 70 fans in 9 hours. That was an undertaking I will not do again in that short of time. Well worth it once we were done but not the added stress.

Paper line is DCWV La Creme Stack 8 x 8 with coordinating 4.5 x 6.25 paper. Martha Stewart was the corner punch I used, but do not know the name of it. All the words were done in microsoft word and trimmed to size.

I hope she likes them and this gives you ideas!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My new dog "Buddie"

This is Buddies story:
Buddie has lived his whole life with Paula. About 2 years ago Paula was diagnosed with lung cancer. Through the year and a half of chemo Paula was undergoing, we let Buddie out every Monday. After all that is what neighbors do for each other. Help out when needed.

December we were given bad news that Paula has about 6 months to live. In April Paula had a few episodes of unresponsiveness. This scared her to be alone in the house. We did what we could for a couple days to be with her but, she and Buddie decided it was time to move about a hour away to live with her sister.

Paula lived for an other month. As she passed away with Buddie by her side she was at peace. In a nut shell that was Buddie's life. Simple and loving. Now is when the adventure begins.

3 days ago a women knocked on Paula's door. I asked if I could help. Janet was looking for Paula. I told her the situation. She sighed and explained she found Buddie. He was walking in the rain on hwy 32 (near Shawano). She followed him for a 1/4 of a mile before Buddie got into her car. Buddie ended up at the humane society in Shawano.

It took Janet 3 weeks to track down Paula's house. Upon more discussion with her it sounds like Buddie was lost or abandoned for 3 weeks prior. He was found on June 19th. He had been in the shelter a month before I got to him. See Buddie was supposed to have been adopted to an elderly woman with a 17 year old son on a farm. The sister figured he was 20 miles from where he was supposed to be. Poor little boy!

Buddie is an eleven year old collie/german shepard mix. The sweetest and kindest dog. We are very lucky and fortunate to have him in our house. We will see how he does with living next door to his old house. So far he is ok and seems very happy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Been so long....

Funny how life gets so busy that you forget to post or play with crafts. I am so sorry all. Will get to creating soon. Just wanted you to know I am still here!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Easter baskets

Aren't they cute? Love these baskets.

Using a 12 x 12 paper, score at 3 and 9. Rotate paper and score at 4.5 and 7.5. Assemble the box by cutting the bottom flaps and glue well. I used several boarder punches for the edges to make them a bit more fun. Finish off with pattern paper.

For the bunny: using stamp up punches, punch 1 -1 3/4 circle and scallop. 4 - med ovals, 2 - small ovals, 2 - 1/2 circles, 6 - hole punches dots, 1 - med heart and 1 - small heart. I think you can figure out how to assemble the bunny from the photo. I you get stuck just email me. Enjoy

Sunday, February 20, 2011

wedding save the date cards

I received an order for 36 of these save the date cards for a friend. They are having a simple/elegant wedding and wanted cards to reflect their love of nature.

I ordered the leafy tree embossing folder from Great Britain. As it is not available in the US at this time. Using chalks to color the tree and leaves.

I created a pocket for the inside to put the hotel information. I used a Martha Stewart punch for the boarder of the pocket. Also used chalk to color the flowers for a bit more bling. I found a word template to create the wording on the right.

The best part of this whole project came at the end when she arrived to pick them up. She asked how much and I simply replied Happy Wedding! I hope this helps her save some money and is a great present to give them.