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Friday, November 5, 2010

Veteran's day gift

I was given a challenge to do something nice for a veteran or someone who sacrificed a lot for his country. One person came to mind! I tried to get a photo of that person for all most a month. I was unsuccessful. So I had to send the gift unfinished. I have never done that before but since I know the person will be touched, it's not that bad. I will finish it with a few more crystals around the photo and a saying once I figure out how much room is left.

Everything was purchased from HL. The background paper is two separate sheets cut to size. Roughly 8 x 8. Using glue dots to adhere to the outside back of the block. The inside was a bit tricky. I typed the unit in word and printed. Using a large star punch to create the star. Glue dot to secure inside the block. I used a long pair of tongs from the grill to get it to the top of the block. Three smaller stars punched with a small star punch and wrote on. Also attached with glue dots. To cover the access piece of plastic I covered it with ribbon. No glue needed as it is a tight fit. Finally to finish off the block I wrapped ribbon all the way around and create the topper.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Official Pita Principles

What is a PITA?

P*I*T*A (pee~tah)
slang [in sing] informal

1. annoying or tedious person, thing or task; 2. physical suffering or marked discomfort in a particular part of one’s anatomy, expressly your bum; 3. a familiar or humorous phrase or name given to a person (PITA: acronym, initialism a word formed from the initial letters of other words), expressly followers of Paper Phenomenon, exhibiting love, devotion or affection. 4.a sistah hood of the Queen’s devoted followers.

Modern English
derived from a Tuki - ism

Power To The Pita
the memorable motto and phrase used to express one’s loyalty to the sistah hood of the Pita. 2. PTTP( acronym Power to the Pita)

Pita Pledge
I am a pita babe
I am beautiful, creative and fabulous
I will become one with my hot glue gun
I can express myself thru my creativity

Official Pita Food

Official Pita Chant
Chirp, Chirp

Official Pita Hand Gesture (LOL)
fore finger and middle finger extended in the motion of a pair of scissors

Written by Wende at Passionately Paper

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween treats

The years Halloween gifts for a few special people. Simple to make and more fun to open. They are filled with small gum balls and candy corn.