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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bird punch card

My brother's daughter was in a cello recital a few weeks ago. I made her a card to congratulate her on a job well done.

The flower is made with the bird punch by stamp in up. Punch out 7 birds and assemble to your liking. The inside petals are the wing from the same punch. I used a 1" circle punch for the center. The stem is also from the bird punch.

I really like how this turned out with the colors and glitter paper. Perfect for an 9 year old. Hope she liked it.

Baby cards

I needed more baby cards. This is what I came up with. Used pddu and ds to create them. Cards are 5.5 by 4.25

Bikini card

The reason for the card is an inside joke and needs no explanation.

Received the cut file from the message board so everything is done with ds and george. The dots are made with the small stamp in up 2 dot punch.

Very simple to put together and lots of fun.

Baby onsies

An other gift for my friend. In case you hadn't guessed she is having a girl. She asked if anyone had pyro related onsie's. Couldn't think of anyone who sold them. After a few days it dawned on me I can do that.

I purchased 5 twelve month onsies. Using DS and stand & salute to create a pyro theme. I purchased pink and purple glittered material. Ironed heat n bond to the back and began to cut.

The onsie with 2 firecrackers on the front has a cracker on the butt in back. Thought it was a nice and funny touch. I hope they will fit and I get to see photos someday.

Baby hangers

Many of you have seen these on the message boards. I decided it was my turn to take a spin at it. An associate is having a baby later this year. I wanted to give her something special. I hope she enjoys it.

Everything is made with DS. Numbers are storybook and baby things are new arrivals.

The hardest thing was cutting the paper around the do not disturb hangers I got from the Radisson hotel. Yep pays to have friends in high places. Did I mention they were free. I traced them and cut out by hand. Used my atg gun to adhere. Be sure to get close to the edge or things will not stick.

The rest is colored with copic markers and stamp in up water colors. Used regular glue to put them down. To finish it off I used a rose corner stamp for the corners. I am really happy how it turned out!

Mushrooms for the garden

I had a blast making these! Take a plastic bowl of your choice and glue it to a vase. This forms the mushroom.

Embellish with colored stones in various shapes and sizes. I used hot glue to adhere them. Seems to work well.
I used a piece of PVC pipe to help it stand in the garden. To measure insert PVC into the top through the vase and judge the rest. I am generous with the amount I push into the ground. They should sit on top of the ground with a little room for movement.