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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flowers for friends

A great little gift for my neighbors! These were made with fabric rose petals. I hot glued the petals together in groups of 4 to form a flower. Then hot glued a chocolate heart in the center.

The vase contains m & m's. Plain, peanut and peanut butter were in the mix. You need choices sometimes!

Sterling roses

My boyfriend of 5 years surprised me with sterling roses on Saturday. Yes it was the day before the made up holiday (Valentine's Day). I don't see a need for this holiday.

Sterling's are my favorite and only rose I like to get once in a while. For the most part I don't like getting flowers because they die in less than a week. I have tried the little packets the floral shop gives you for the water and sprite instead of water. All tho the sprite works for red, pink, yellow and white roses.
I would prefer getting a perennial plant instead. That way I can enjoy it every year in my garden.