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Friday, November 5, 2010

Veteran's day gift

I was given a challenge to do something nice for a veteran or someone who sacrificed a lot for his country. One person came to mind! I tried to get a photo of that person for all most a month. I was unsuccessful. So I had to send the gift unfinished. I have never done that before but since I know the person will be touched, it's not that bad. I will finish it with a few more crystals around the photo and a saying once I figure out how much room is left.

Everything was purchased from HL. The background paper is two separate sheets cut to size. Roughly 8 x 8. Using glue dots to adhere to the outside back of the block. The inside was a bit tricky. I typed the unit in word and printed. Using a large star punch to create the star. Glue dot to secure inside the block. I used a long pair of tongs from the grill to get it to the top of the block. Three smaller stars punched with a small star punch and wrote on. Also attached with glue dots. To cover the access piece of plastic I covered it with ribbon. No glue needed as it is a tight fit. Finally to finish off the block I wrapped ribbon all the way around and create the topper.

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