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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Official Pita Principles

What is a PITA?

P*I*T*A (pee~tah)
slang [in sing] informal

1. annoying or tedious person, thing or task; 2. physical suffering or marked discomfort in a particular part of one’s anatomy, expressly your bum; 3. a familiar or humorous phrase or name given to a person (PITA: acronym, initialism a word formed from the initial letters of other words), expressly followers of Paper Phenomenon, exhibiting love, devotion or affection. 4.a sistah hood of the Queen’s devoted followers.

Modern English
derived from a Tuki - ism

Power To The Pita
the memorable motto and phrase used to express one’s loyalty to the sistah hood of the Pita. 2. PTTP( acronym Power to the Pita)

Pita Pledge
I am a pita babe
I am beautiful, creative and fabulous
I will become one with my hot glue gun
I can express myself thru my creativity

Official Pita Food

Official Pita Chant
Chirp, Chirp

Official Pita Hand Gesture (LOL)
fore finger and middle finger extended in the motion of a pair of scissors

Written by Wende at Passionately Paper


Wende said...

Just became your latest follower. LOL, didn't know the pits were gonna love my pita principles so much! Thanks! ;)

Diane said...

I love your blog, but sweetie, it may be my old eyes but it's hard for me to read the green text on the dark background. Just sayin... :) Still love your blog. --Diane