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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedding favor boxes

My nut's (boyfriend) mom is getting married a 2nd time next weekend. I wanted to make a special box for their head table. This is what I came up with.

I used Tie the Knot cart. These are cut at 8 inches. The boxes are a bit hard to put together but after a few trial runs I got the hang of them. The base color is a light blue with a piece of velum over lay. The brides box has pearls and a gem stone on the front. The grooms box were brads for the buttons. T-shirt was also the same blue with the same velum over lay. A small piece of velum for the pocket and your done. I am trying to find small buttons for the front of the coat. So far no luck.


The Purple Scrapbooker said...

I Love these boxes! You did such a great job!!

I just found your blog, I'm now a follower and can't wait to see your next projects!

Linda Israel said...

Saw your post on the Cricut forum and thought I would leave a note over here too.. The wedding boxes turned out great. I hope that the wedding was just as beautiful! Thank you for sharing your work.

dj_bricki said...

possibly black brads will work for groom shirt , can i please get some info on how to put the groom box together iof you dont mind, im doing same thing for sons wedding and i have a hard time seeing the fold lines. does it all come together at the top to look like a triangle ? thats how it came out for me