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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pants with candy

While searching on the message boards for any info on new products going to be released this year. Not like I need anything new! I stumbled on this idea by JudiHarrington . This a pair of pants cut from pddu and 2 smarty sticks of candy inserted for legs. I requested the cut file but have not received it as of today. Not sure what happened but I couldn't wait any longer.

Last night I decided to have a go at this. Since ds is easy to adjust sizes I thought I can do this. Think positive! After many samples I finally got it to where I like it. All the while singing in my head...just keep swimming..... The pants are cut 2.5 inches across by 2.75 inches long. I had to adjust the legs to fit the candy sticks. I stretched each leg to 1.5 inches wide. I used the same pair of pants for the front and back, however the back I used the black out feature.

I then took a oval and a square to form the pockets. Each piece is about .75 inches wide by .75 inches long and welded together. Using a stampin up stamp for the detail on the pocket stamped in white ink. I inked the edges but you can't see it that well. Simple stitch marks all around with a ball point pen. Gem stones for the bling and ribbon as a belt.

Words were done in word. Using a template from an other project, I resized the circle to about 2.25 inches. At least that is my best guess. I printed a few before I got it right. I punched them out with a stampin up scallop punch.

I am very happy with how these turned out. I am going to do some different style pants next time.


Sandy said...

These are so cute!!

Janis said...

These are SOOO adorable!!! Thanks for the details. My big question though, is how did you wrap the test into a circle in Word? If you've got time to tell me, I'll be your friend forever!

Thanks for sharing your lovely work. :)

Janis said...

PS -- I'm going to send you a PM on the Cricut message board - if you have time to give me info. Thanks so much!