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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Copy rights and legal stuff

There has been a lot buzz going on lately about copy rights. While I believe in the craft world everything is far game. It is called Scrap lifting. Guess I never saw the harm in it till a problem came up with a fellow blogger. Her hard work was being sold by an other crafter. Never gave the original artist credit. That crossed the line! It made me think I have many files and pictures that are my own. So I have now protected my blog page and all the files on it. I also installed a copygator. He will monitor my site and let me know if the key words have been copied and placed on an other site.

I don't mind if you use my files or pictures as long as you ask permission and they are for personal use. A simple email can eliminate a lot of headaches and heart breaks. Thanks for your time and I hope you take the steps to protect your hard work as well.

This was originally written by Cindy McVey. She gave everyone permission to use the wording on her copy right. I changed the things that apply to me.

Notice of Copyright:
The tutorials, images contained within, and the files required to cut the projects are copyright © 2009-10 Robin Cleveland

This project file has been shared with you FREE OF CHARGE.
Please do me the courtesy of helping me to protect my original creations and the many hours of hard work that go into them by following the guidelines below:

DO keep my file names intact, including my name
DO use my files for personal projects
DO post photos of your own projects made using my files, but give me credit and point people to my blog to get the file - and send me the photos! I love to see your completed projects!
DO share my blog address with others so they can follow me, too!

DO NOT sell my files, either alone or in any package
DO NOT use my files in any class, tutorial or make-and-take without my prior written permission
DO NOT use my files to make projects for any contest
DO NOT use my files to make products intended to be sold without my prior written permission
DO NOT post my files in any public forum, web site or mail group
DO NOT email my files to others. Instead, please introduce them to my blog so they can follow me, too!

My blog and all of its content are protected by:

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