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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Endless Calendar

What a great idea! To bad I didn't think of it. Given time I might have. Everything was designed in ds and cut on the cricut. I used george, lyrica, and paper doll carts. Using chip board 6 x 12 for the base and heavy construction paper for the days/month/numbers. Squares are 1.25 x 4, 1.5 x 4.25 and 1.75 x 5. I used my xyon machine for the numbers and words. I had trouble transferring the words, so I used painters tape. Worked like a charm just like transfer tape for vinyl. I made a doll for each holiday. At least tried to. If you note the calendar days show the holiday in that month. The ones without holidays I just picked a date. Hope you enjoy the calendar and it sparks your creativity.


OCCricut said...

I LOVE how you made special dolls for each month!! They're my FAVORITE!

usmc_honey said...

Very cute, and what a great idea!
I am wondering what you used to be able to change the dolls. Are they magnetic or adhered with velcro?

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing the tape trick: I have to give it a try.