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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Valentine's Paint Can Swap

I just mailed out my can for this swap today. I hope all these pictures do not give away the surprise for the person. This was easy to make.

You answer 20 questions about your favorite things and craft items. Then after we are matched with someone else you get their questions. Now it's time to shop. Some look for sales or clearance items. I looked for things on her list and got what I could. I wasn't able to find everything, but I got most. I even found a template that allows you to stitch on paper. I got one for the can and one for me. That is how I did the flower on the front of the can. There are many different templates that she can add to her collection. Since this is my first can I wasn't sure of the rules. I filled the can as much as I could put in it. I wasn't sure if I could put other stuff inside the box or not. I didn't want to do more than was expected. I hope is it will be everything my person is expecting and more.

Covering the can is tricky. I tried my best to cut paper to size and stick with 2 face tape. If I do this again I am going to try to find a template for the can.

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