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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hospital Cards

I made 132 Christmas cards for my local hospital. Theda Clark gives them to any/all patients in the hospital during Christmas. They will be delivered by hand or on the patients meal trays. It is nice when a patient can have a little holiday cheer during a bad time in life.

All cards are embossed using cuttlebug and sizzix. It is nothing fancy, just simple and elegant. Some I added colored stickles and a few stamped images. The inside is stamped with a Christmas greeting and signed Santa. Since I did not want to boast it was my family doing this, I used Santa. It doesn't mater who gave the cards only that they are given out. I hope this brightens the patients day and makes being in the hospital on Christmas a little bit easier.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Endless Calendar

What a great idea! To bad I didn't think of it. Given time I might have. Everything was designed in ds and cut on the cricut. I used george, lyrica, and paper doll carts. Using chip board 6 x 12 for the base and heavy construction paper for the days/month/numbers. Squares are 1.25 x 4, 1.5 x 4.25 and 1.75 x 5. I used my xyon machine for the numbers and words. I had trouble transferring the words, so I used painters tape. Worked like a charm just like transfer tape for vinyl. I made a doll for each holiday. At least tried to. If you note the calendar days show the holiday in that month. The ones without holidays I just picked a date. Hope you enjoy the calendar and it sparks your creativity.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow flakes

After wrapping my picture frames I thought my wall needed a bit more bling. Using the when it's cold outside cart, I cut a bunch of snowflakes. I set up ds with the various sized flakes and used contact paper. Blade set to 1 and regular ds settings. Once cut it was simple to apply to the wall. Now I need to make some for my mom. Sorry about the photo being dark. I have a cream colored wall and the snowflakes are white. I didn't use the flash on my camera because it washed out the flakes.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Glass block - nativity scene

Great and elegant way to decorate for the holidays. I found this design on one of my message boards. This is cut in gold vynl on my expression. I used ds and a blade setting of 2. Instead of transfer tape I used painters tape. Got the same results but much cheaper. I place the design on a piece of velum. Using glue dots I attached the velum to the glass block. I think it turned out very nice. Hope you enjoy.

Glitter ornaments

Very simple and quick way to make your own ornaments.
You need glass bulbs any size, pledge with furniture shine and fine glitter.
Pour pledge into bulb about 2 tbls worth. Swirl around and dump out extra. Pour health amount of glitter into bulb. Swirl around and dump out extra. Replace the cap and your done. If you are a visual person you can go to

Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowman tile

Saw this on the cricut form and wanted to make it. Only I did not have those cartridges.....ugh! I used tear drop instead and letters are welded and 1 inch. Snowman is 3 inches from snow friends. Snow flakes are accent essentials various size from 1 to 3 inches.

I used my xyon machine for the letters, flakes and snowman. I used stickles on the snowflakes to make them pop a bit. Also used stickles for the snowman's buttons.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Care

Every year we participate in Christmas Care. It is a great way to give back this time of year. You fill a shoe box with needed items and wrap it. Then drop it off to a designated location. From there the boxes are sorted out and given to local emergency rooms or shelters. We choose an adult man and women this year. If you are having trouble thinking of what to put in the box, don't worry Fox 11 has a great list. (

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Diaper Cakes

What do you do for a baby shower? Make a diaper cake of course. Best way to combine cooking and crafts. Ok so there is no cooking but it sounds good. Ingredients: 1 box pampers size 1 (sensitive style), 1 package cloth diapers, 4 packages wash clothes (total 8), 1 4oz bottle, 1 8 oz bottle, 1 large bottle J & J body wash, ribbon, 100 hair ties (plastic type to wrap the diapers with), a few rubber bands, 4 pacifiers and bling. Directions are bite harder to explain. If you want to do one just put in diaper cake in a search engine and you will come up with many options. Have fun and I would love to see yours.

Wedding gift box

I thought I posted this already but can't find it. Sorry it is a duplicate! My friends asked me if I could make them a gift card box. After a quick min thought I said yes. I came up with an idea ran it by the bride and to our surprise this is how the cake will look as well. To funny. Was very tedious to make but well worth it. I took 4 different sided boxes from Hobby Lobby and wrapped them in decorative paper. Added bling with ribbon and 2 accent boxes. 1 box was for show and the other we put a photo of them in it(see bottom right box). The hardest thing was cutting the hole for the cards. I actually put 2 slots in just in case we filled the bottom one. I heard a few comments at the wedding about how cute it was and the colors went well.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Honeydew job jar

An organized way to get my sweetie to do some of his honeydew list. This way he can just pick something. Lets hope he doesn't cheat by looking ahead.
Details: Tools are stamps I got from a garage sale. Colored and cut out. Some have brads as extra touch. I lined the inside with white card stock that was run through a printer. The ribbon is from Walmart. Not much more to say than that! Hope you enjoy and get ideas for your sweetie.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Wedding scrapbook

Whoo hoo a wedding. Time for a crafty project. I made this wedding scrapbook for my friends. I am sorry but I do not remember all the sizes or details for each page. Enjoy!