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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Tags

Last month I was in a tag swap. Since I have more than 10 gifts I had to make more tags.

Used tbbm size 4". Stamps are from Walmart. Those $3.00 ones in the fabric dept. They turned out great. I hate ribbons but needed them for a nice finished look.

Ok so I don't really hate ribbons, just tying them.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our silly dog

I finally purchased a train for under my tree after 3 years of looking. This is an HO series set with an engine, 2 coal cars and a caboose. Since my christmas present had to do with my train, my DH gave it to me early. It was 2 packages of tracks to make the circle bigger and a gandy dancer. If you don't know what a gandy dancer is, it is a small powered car with 2 people pumping the car. Like the old pump cars. It is so much fun!

The first time we turned the train on our silly puppy started to bark and chase it. While adding the gandy dancer she did the same thing. I thought everyone could use a laugh watching her. She is chasing a titny car. If you look close you will see it pass by.Enjoy!

After a while she settles down and just watches it. Sometimes I can turn on the train she doesn't move. So I hope she grows out of chasing it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mom's tree

Mom loved my bow so much she wanted one for her 24 inch tree. I used 18 feet of ribbon for this. Very simple and cute.
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25 days to Christmas

An other swap I completed. I made 25 of the same pieces and sent them in. A few weeks later I got 25 new pieces.

Using a 14.5 by 17.5 cookie sheet for the base. 12 x 12 paper for the background. I used Christmas cheer cart for the white tree. Learning curve cart for the top words and opposites attract for the bottom Christmas. I belive they were cut at 1". I purchased magnetic strips from walmart and put them on the back of each piece. Luckly the magnetic pieces already had glue on the back.

I am happy with my new calendar. I just have to remember to take a piece down every day.
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Sorry not sure why my photo's won't correct them selves. They work on my end.

Oh well. Here is our tree for this year. I decided to make a ribbon for the tree instead of my angel. I used 500 feet of ribbon for the tree. I got the idea from Menards display. Was very easy to do. I looked on you tube for how to tie bows. Found one that worked for me and off I went. I think it turned out great.

Snowman Soup

Simple project to complete. I did 12 of these for my card making class. I used a cut file I found on line. Sorry I can't remember where I found it or who it was by. I purchased clear bags from the super market and filled it with a bag of coco, candy cane and marshmallows.

The mug was cut with my expression and I used snow flake stamps to decorate it. I am very pleased with how this turned out.