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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Embossing Cards

Hobby Lobby had an other class last night. Mom and I had so of a good time. Was neat to learn about new things but the class felt rushed.

The instructors show us the cards and gave instructions on all 6 of them. Then said have fun. It was up to us to figure out how and what to do. I don't like those kind of classes.

We worked in groups which made it a little easier. My mom was looking forward to the feather card the most and it turned out not as good. She actually liked the thanks card the best. I liked the wheat one the best. Even tho we didn't like some of the cards it was still fun. Next weeks class is templates. Looking forward to that.

Monday, September 15, 2008

All in one invitation

Well I am sure everyone has seen these type of cards before. Ok everyone except me. How is it I never saw these?

While at the new scrap store I saw them and thought I can do that. (ok so I am just wanting to play with design studio more) My neighbors are getting married in a year might come in handy for them. So off I started in ds with george. I figured I would base the card on a 5x7. Scaled the rest to match.

This set has a card, an announcement page, RSVP, and event details. I included a color drop behind the event details. I have a bit more fixing to do and will put the cut file on my cut file site. I did label this practice one so I know what pieces go where. Wow I'm thinking ahead!

Hunter's bday Card

Brent's friend Hunter's birthday was on Sat. He had a great party at a local video game place with laser tag.

In my quest for 1" stamps I found a scrapbook store I never knew we had. To my surprise it's been here for 2 years. Doh. The stamps are from the store in a birthday clear kit.

The card was cut using ds and george.

Get Well Card

A good friend of mine's husband is very ill. He has cancer and has had to under go chemo with surgery.

Since this was a new card for me I am addicted to it.

Everything was cut using ds and george. I used stamps I purchased from LTD Commodities to finish it off.

My Cut Files

To download my cut files:

Jodi's Mother's Day Card

My neighbor wanted to make her mom a card.

We cut a 6" card and envelope from Plantin Schoolbook. Using normal settings

The butterfly is from walk in the garden cart. Size 2"

The letters were cut using design studio and Mickey Font. I resized them to fit on the card. I would guess they were 1/2" letters or maybe 1/4"

Inside: All the letters were cut with Mickey Font and Design Studio. Again not sure of the actual size as I shrunk them to fit.

The inch worm is from stretch your imagination. Size 5"

Grandmother's Day Card

A very special card for my grandma. I wanted this to be very simple, as my grandma is in a nursing home. The dementia unit to be specific. Things tend to get lost or over done in there. A simple card will be easier for her to understand.

All were cut from walk in the garden cart.

Butterfly 2 was cut at 2" and butterfly 3 was 2.5"

Everything again was cut from walk in the garden cart.

Bleeding hearts were cut at size 3"

Thinking of you was cut at 1.5"

All normal settings.

Big Bug Reset

I am having a problem with the expression not pulling in the mat. I called customer support for help.

To reset the machine: turn on then turn the speed, pressure and size to the lowest settings. Now turn them to the highest setting. Repeat 3 times and turn off the machine for 10 mins. This should take care of the problem.

In my case it did not. They are sending me a new machine. Apparently this is a known problem with the machines. Since they do not have replacement parts yet they just send a new machine.

PGI Alpha Dividers

I manage a convention for an international fireworks industry, with about 3000 members. I needed a way to separate the alphabet.

Using the design studio I adjusted this tag from tags, bags, boxes and more. I think the size was 5 x 3 inches. Setting everything at max as this is chip board. No need to have multi cut.

The letters are 1" from Plantin schoolbook.

PGI Open Sign

Every business must have an open sign.

Very simple using chip board as the background. The letters are Plantin schoolbook 6" which I glued on as straight as possible. Since the letters looked dull I outlined them with a black sharpie.

We are is from Disney font size 2" All normal settings.

PGI Closed Sign

Every business must have an closed sign.

Very simple using chip board as the background. The letters are Plantin schoolbook 6" which I glued on as straight as possible. Since the letters looked dull I outlined them with a black sharpie. Sort of slipped with the fix I put little black dots.

We are is from Disney font size 2" All normal settings.

PGI Registration Hours

Every business must have the hours posted

Using the design studio to set up the Plantin schoolbook letters to about 1.5". I put in a black marker and let the machine draw the letters on the 12 x 12 paper for me. Using colored pencils to color in the letters.

Was a simple and fun project to do.

Garden Sign

I saw this sign in a craft book for the home. It used fence posts instead of the spindle. I don't have that big of a garden for a fence post. I am not sure why the picture in the book had we're instead of where. Next one will be done the right way. Letters are from plantin schoolbook and flowers/pots are from walk in the garden. Using the design studio to layout the letters. Of course I saved the file. If you would like it just email me. After painting the spindles and the sign white. I added a bit of color to the balls on the spindle. I glues all the stuff on and using a clear finishing spray to seal it. Simple eye hooks to attach the sign. I used an old scarf for the rope. Turned out very cute. I even made one for my mom.

Bug on Dash

Found this cut file on one of the forums. Since he was so cute and I finally ordered the George cart. I have a local sign shop who gives me scarp pieces of vynl.

Ok take a deep breath and hit cut! Hurray it worked. Now where can I put Crickey? Jet skies seemed like a great spot.

Grow Damit

Now I am hooked on making garden signs.

Letters are George and everything else is walk in the garden. Again I used the design studio for the layout. Email if you would the file.

I used a clear finishing spray to seal it.

Now if my flowers listen to the sign my favorite lily's and lillium's come up fast.

Paper Bride

I wanted to try my 12 x 24 mat. Our neighbor is getting married next year so I thought why not a mini bride.

Using design studio to adjust for maximum size. I think the actual doll was 15 3/4". The closes were somewhere around that size as well.

I still have plans to add to it with velum for some shine. Beads and lace, but that will have to wait a bit.

Garduation Hat

Using the George cart and design studio to make this cute little hat. Followed the video to put the hat together.

Is very simple to do. After it was glued together i purchased grad stickers and decorated it. Yes it does actually open. Will put up the link when I find it.

Paper Dolls

Every little girl needs a paper doll play set. I made this for Gabbie. She needed something to play with while her brother does motocross. The set includes: 12 dolls, shorts, pants, shirts, shoes, and hair. I will make some of the accessories later.

All were cut using the design studio to allow for maximum placement. The dolls were cut at 4" and so was the clothes, shoes and hair.

I left some of the clothes plain so she could decorate them.

Charms for bag

Needed a little bling for the bag.

Using shrinky dinks to make a doll, shorts, shirt and hair. All were cut at 2 1/2 ". I put ring hole to attach with.Then put in a 375 degree oven for 2 mins.

They turned out very cute!

Paper Doll Bag

Of course she needed something to carry them in.

Again I used the design studio and the 12 x 24 mat. I stretched the bag from TBBM to allow the sides of the bag to be 1.5". Over all it was 4" tall and 5" wide.

Using George for the letter 1" in size. Quick welding with design studio and off to cut.

All in all I think this project turned out great.

Gabbie goes to the dogs

Gabbie wanted to put some dogs on her wall. Using the paper pups I cut out various sized dogs as templates.

The rest was up to her and her mom. Turned out really well! Good job girls.

Hunting Dog

My friend Alex loves the hunting dog from paper pups. He asked once he got his bike rack if I would cut him a dog.

The hunting dog was cut at 3.5" in vynal stock.

School Zone

To get our 6th grader ready for school I dressed up his room a bit. We just added a note center to the wall and some file folders. Letters are from learning curves all 1". The apple and school bus is from doodlecharms 3" State and globe are from going places 3" On the board is the work "think" in the puzzle shape from learning curves 1"

Gift Coupon

My sweetie needed a gift coupon for the rc boat races. I found this cut file and decided it would work out great.

I changed the opening of a circle to a boat from going places. I also cut the actual coupon out with george. Adding a large ship using the markers. I drew the outline and the ship before I changed the blade back to the cutting housing.

We finished it off with a stick and writing the info on the coupon. I think it turned out great. Next time I want to add a bit of a cut out on the envelope. To make it easier to pull out the coupon.

Banquett Signs

Our PGI convention was in WY we needed a country western theme for the banquett. Using the paper doll cart, I cut out these cut little guys.

Everything was cut at 3 inches. Settings: speed low, pressure low and blade at 2. The paper was light weight and it was a new machine. Total made was 12 signs for 12 tables.

All in all it turned out very nice.

Ticket Box

We needed a box to put superstring tickets in. Good thing I had a cricuit near by. Simple box made with tags and bags. Using a piece of chip board I cut it at 8.5 by 11.5 to fit the page. I think it was 8 inches total.

I used the multi cut set at 2 to cut through.


This is a gift to my parents for grandparents day.

Using a DS file to cut this birdhouse out I received from someone online. I used Ggeorge and walk in my garden carts.

Was very easy to cut, the hardest part was gluing it together. I purchased some stickers and flowers from our new Micheal's store today. YEAH!


People make a great little shape.

Cut from going places 3"

Tyipcal Question

The typical question when traveling.

Cart is going places at 3"

Road Trip

More wall photos.

All cut from going places at 3"

Family Bus

With the great deal at walgreens I printed 100 pictures. What better way to change a room and cover the yucky paneling then with pictures.

Family and the bus was cut with going places 3". Great way to show off our family.

Butterfly card

Cut file same as before from hobby lobby class. This one is so simple! Fold card in half. Stamp the birthday in the center of the small piece of paper. Using a butterfly stamp irregularly on the card. A dabber works great to smug the edges. Glue the 2 pieces on top each other. That's to the inside Fold the inside card in half. With the fold to the left, fold a corner down. Be sure it is parallel to the fold. Open the card up and invert the fold. Glue the butterfly on the crease. That's it.

Happy Card

An other card from our class. Again I did my best to make the cut file. I have not cut it yet.

How to assemble:
Fold the large card in half
Using a stamp to put a design a piece of paper. Now glue the piece to the center of the card.
The mesh look is dry wall tape. It will stick to the piece of paper.
Using an other stamp to put a design on the little piece of paper. A 1/16th punch works great to punch the holes for the brads. Attach the small piece of paper to the dry wall piece.
Glue everything together.

On to the inside. This is easy!

Fold the inside card and cut a 1" deep by 2" wide close to the center of the card. Fold with the cut pushed out.
Attach the 2 small boxes together to form a shadow. Stamp Happy on the card. As pictured above.
Glue the sign to the pop up fold.
Use a stamp to finish it off.

Waterfall Card

My mom and I took a class at Hobby Lobby last night. We made 4 cards each and was a lot of fun.

The first card and my favorite is called a waterfall. If you pull on the red piece with the ribbon the boxes will fold back. I did my best to design the card in DS. I have the cut files on my site. I have not cut them yet so if you find some thing that doesn't work let me know.

How to assemble:
Fold the card in half.
Glue decorative piece on the center.
Score the big ribbon type piece at 1.25", 2", 2.75" and 3.5" and fold.
Glue the small box to the big box (red and white). Be sure to center as best you can.
Now glue the boxes to the red ribbon piece. Place the boxes as close to the fold as possible.
Attach the ribbon to the small orange piece. Center as able.
Punch a 1/16th hole for the brads. Attach the small ribbon piece (orange) with the brads.
Using a decorative hold punch to punch for the black ribbon.
Tie the ribbon with a loop.

Now your done!

Evan's Garage

Our neighbor does so much for us and other people. Thought I would return the favor a bit. Him and his friend have a part time business re-doing 4 wheel drive vehicles. They completely strip down the vehicle and rebuild it. They also repair cars, put lifts in and anything else you could imagine doing to a car. There is always something going on on the corner and a new vehicle to check out.

This was cut with Mickey font. Using design studio the letter were enlarged to 6 x 6 size. Fitting 4 on a page. Settings: med speed, high pressure and 4 on the blade as the paper was thicker.

Shhhh Evan is at work and doesn't know I did this. At least he won't until he pulls in the driveway. Hope he likes it!

Flying Squirrel

Over the winter we had 2 flying squirrels in our feeders. We thought something might have happened to them, as we have not seen them for a couple months.

Last night our dog was whinnying at the window. Our thoughts we is the Phil back. (We named the squirrel Phil because the 2nd time we saw him we gave him filberts.) Yep he made it through the winter.

Since it was alot warmer out we were able to go out and get a close photo of him. Chris was even able to touch his tail. Said it was soft.

I know this has nothing to do with crafts but he's so cute.

Keyboard Overlays

Using tags, bags, and more. Size fit to page. normal settings.

This actually works out well. I put them in the order they are in the binder. Nice to finally be organized!

Cart Holder

I got a 1" binder from walmart. Of all places! They had sports card holders in the same area. An idea came to mind..

Yep they fit! I used velcro to secure them in. Using a label maker I put the name of the cart on the chip board behind the front page. I also added the serial number. My thoughts are if I take my carts somewhere I want to be able to tell if I forgot anything at a glance.

Layout 16

Finally the last page to my book. Well at least for this year. I started a new job for this convention.. are you ready? Membership Services Manager. Big name for a peon!

Again using plantin schoolbook and design studio. Size 2" letters normal settings.

Stay tuned until after Aug for an other page.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Layout 15

This one was simple and very elegant!

Used plantin schoolbook and design studio. Size 2" normal settings. This one I cut the letters separate and glued them individually.

Layout 14

I thought I posted the rest of the book in already. Somehow it's gone...I will do my best to recap the last 3 pages.

Used plantin schoolbook. Letters were cut with the design studio size 2". Normal settings

Pigs are from animal kingdom size 1" and 2". Words are also cut from this cart at 2". Normal settings.

Mother's Day Card

Sorry it's sideways.

Cut with plantin schoolbook. 6" card. Settings: blade 6, speed med and pressure high. This is thick paper.

The rest was cut with walk in the garden cart.
Vase is 2" normal settings. I cut a small piece of ribbon and taped it on to give it a nice sparkle.

Rose is 3" normal settings. After I cut the yellow head out separately, I took a red color pencil to give it highlights.

Inside - Using walk in the garden....

thanks was cut at size 2 1/4" normal settings
a bunch was 1 3/4" again normal settings
The tulips were fun. Cut at 2" normal settings. Then the heads were cut in an other color.

Card envelope

Cut with plantin schoolbook. Size 6" Normal settings.

La La's b-day card

Simple card made from walk in the garden.

I can't remember what size I made this in. I think it was 6 inches. Normal settings.

Words are from walk in the garden size 2" normal setting.

I cut a fancy piece of paper to cover the top. All in all this was a simple card.