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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our silly dog

I finally purchased a train for under my tree after 3 years of looking. This is an HO series set with an engine, 2 coal cars and a caboose. Since my christmas present had to do with my train, my DH gave it to me early. It was 2 packages of tracks to make the circle bigger and a gandy dancer. If you don't know what a gandy dancer is, it is a small powered car with 2 people pumping the car. Like the old pump cars. It is so much fun!

The first time we turned the train on our silly puppy started to bark and chase it. While adding the gandy dancer she did the same thing. I thought everyone could use a laugh watching her. She is chasing a titny car. If you look close you will see it pass by.Enjoy!

After a while she settles down and just watches it. Sometimes I can turn on the train she doesn't move. So I hope she grows out of chasing it.

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