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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Layout 6

Wow I got the animal kingdom in the mail today. Just in time for this page.

I think by far this is my favorite.

Letters were done with Plantin Schoolbook rolly polly 1" size. Settings: med speed, med pressure, 3 on the blade.

Paper pig was cut from Animal Kingdom size 2 1/2". First cut the character then the feet. Real dial off. Settings:
med speed, med pressure, 3 on the blade.

Grass was cut using Plantin Schoolbook size 1".

The small pigs are shrinky dinks. Cut from Animal Kingdom 2 1/2" Settings: high speed, high pressure, 6 on the blade and use the multi cut. Place in 375 degree over for a min and a 1/2. Lay out on flat surface till cooled. Attach to paper with foam dots.

The round circle is a reminder of a good time. I stepped on a piece of glass about 6 months before convention. Never realized till it started to hurt. Talked to Doc about it. He said he would look at it this week while we were at convention. Since I was working on the safety rocket line, I was unable to go to Doc when he was ready. Like a true Doc he made a house call. Yep to the line. I sat in the back of a pick up truck while he numbed my foot.
Asked if this would hurt, he said nope. Then proceeded to dig out the glass.. After a few mins it was out. Yeah! The next day my foot hurt. When I found Doc I told him my foot hurt. He said yep knew it would, but by the time you found out I would not be in hitting range. Ha he's a funny man!

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