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Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Card

An other card from our class. Again I did my best to make the cut file. I have not cut it yet.

How to assemble:
Fold the large card in half
Using a stamp to put a design a piece of paper. Now glue the piece to the center of the card.
The mesh look is dry wall tape. It will stick to the piece of paper.
Using an other stamp to put a design on the little piece of paper. A 1/16th punch works great to punch the holes for the brads. Attach the small piece of paper to the dry wall piece.
Glue everything together.

On to the inside. This is easy!

Fold the inside card and cut a 1" deep by 2" wide close to the center of the card. Fold with the cut pushed out.
Attach the 2 small boxes together to form a shadow. Stamp Happy on the card. As pictured above.
Glue the sign to the pop up fold.
Use a stamp to finish it off.

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